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Law firm service fees and standards

Article 1 To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of clients, lawyers and law firms,Strengthen lawyers' self-discipline,Standardize charging behavior,In accordance with the Price Law of the People's Republic of China and the Lawyers Law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations,In accordance with the provisions of Document No. 70 and Document No. 24 of the Lu Bar Association (2015),Formulate these measures。

Article 2 The firm will carry out legal services for the society, and the fees for providing legal services to clients shall apply to these opinions。

The fees for lawyers' services shall follow the principles of openness and fairness, voluntary compensation, honesty and credit。

The fees for lawyers' services shall be regulated by the market, and the fees shall be determined by law firms through consultation with their clients。

Five law firms negotiate with clients to determine the fees for lawyer services, mainly considering the following factors:

(1) the working time spent;

(2) the degree of difficulty of legal affairs;

(3) Risks and responsibilities that law firms and lawyers may bear;

(4) The social reputation, service methods and work level of law firms and lawyers。

Article 6 Lawyers' service fees may, according to different service contents, be charged in proportion to the target amount, by piecework, by time and by risk agents, etc。

Risk agency fees refer to the method by which law firms collect a certain amount or proportion of service remuneration in accordance with the agreement and according to the result of the handling of legal affairs or the interests obtained by the client。

Article 7 A law firm that accepts entrustment shall sign a lawyer service fee contract with the client or specify a fee clause in the entrustment contract。

The fee contract or fee terms shall include fee items, fee standards, fee methods, fee amount or proportion, payment and settlement methods, dispute resolution methods, etc。

For the implementation of risk agency fees, the fee contract or fee terms shall, in addition to the contents provided for in the preceding paragraph, also stipulate the risk responsibility to be borne by both parties and the settlement time。

Article 8 After signing a contract with a client, a law firm may not unilaterally change the items or increase the amount of fees charged。If any change is really necessary, it shall be agreed with the client through consultation and confirmed in writing。

The litigation fees, arbitration fees, appraisal fees, notary fees, evaluation fees, auction fees, translation fees, etc. incurred by a law firm in the course of providing legal services are not lawyers' service fees and shall be paid separately by the client to the third party。

Article 10 If a law firm needs to collect travel expenses in advance for handling cases, it shall provide the client with an estimated cost, which shall be signed by both parties after consensus is reached through consultation。If it is really necessary to change the cost estimate, it shall be agreed by the law firm and the client through consultation and confirmed in writing in advance。

Article 11 Lawyers' service fees shall be uniformly charged by law firms, and lawyers shall not collect fees from clients without permission。A law firm that collects lawyer service fees from the client shall issue legal bills to the client。If it cannot be issued, the client may refuse to pay。

Article 12 A law firm shall accept the assignment to undertake legal aid cases。No fees shall be charged to the recipient for handling legal aid cases。

For citizens who meet the conditions for legal aid in this province, the law firm shall assist in handling the application for legal aid;For citizens who do not meet the conditions for legal aid in this province, but have financial difficulties, the law firm may reduce or waive the lawyer service fee at its discretion。

Article 13 Where the principal-agent relationship is terminated for any reason, the refund and compensation of the relevant fees shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China。

Article 14 Where a dispute arises over fees for lawyers' services, the law firm shall settle it through consultation with the client。If the consultation fails, it may apply for arbitration or bring a lawsuit in a people's court。

Article 15 Law firms shall strictly implement the clearly marked price system, and publicize information such as lawyer service fee items, fee standards, complaint and reporting telephone numbers in prominent places such as offices and websites, and accept social supervision。

Article 16 These Opinions shall take effect as of October 1, 2019。

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