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"Love full Double Ninth Festival condolences warm hearts" Shandong Yishan Law firm into the community

With the upcoming Chongyang Festival in 2022, the Party branch of Shandong Yishan Law Firm, Tai 'an Elderly Legal Aid Workstation and Tai 'an Family Planning Special Family Legal Aid Workstation jointly sent legal services to the elderly and special family planning families in Sanli Community。

 At the event, lawyers from Shandong Yishan Law Firm carried out a legal aid knowledge popularization on the theme of the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly, including the rights enjoyed by the elderly according to law and how to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and introduced the scope, standards and application procedures of legal aid to the elderly in detail。And provide legal aid consulting services for the elderly on site,The contents of the consultation mainly involve the elderly's concerns about maintenance, inheritance, remarriage property disputes, demolition disputes, investment and financial management and illegal fund-raising,Information materials on legal assistance for the elderly were distributed on site,The event was warmly welcomed and praised by community leaders and the elderly。

      "The old have a mountain, a mountain", Shandong Yishan law firm lawyers not only popularize legal knowledge for the old people, but also enhance their awareness of legal rights protection。In the activity, the gift of law materials and environmental protection bags, so that they feel the care and love, create a good atmosphere of respect for the elderly, so that they have a sense of happiness and gain。Shandong Yishan Law firm, as a legal aid workstation for the elderly and a special family planning legal aid workstation in Tai 'an City, not only has its responsibilities, but also loves good deeds, and Yishan lawyers have been practicing on the road of public welfare。

Everyone gets old. Every family has an old person。Respecting the old is actually respecting ourselves!Filial piety is the first, the old have care, the old have medical treatment, the old have learning, the old have action, the old have fun is our responsibility, so that the old age live better, live more happy, is our yearning and pursuit。

From today on, be a person who respects the elderly。When the elderly need help, stretch out a warm hand, and use the truth to help those elderly people who are inconvenient and have difficulties in life, and give them more psychological comfort。From today on, be a person who loves the old。When the elderly need care, send a kind condolences, with true love to move the elderly around you, let them feel the warmth and beauty of the world。

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