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Zhu Minge


Graduated from Shandong University of Science and Technology in June 2016, Master of Law。In June 2016, I began my internship in Shandong Yishan Law Firm。In July 2017, he practiced in Shandong Yishan Law Firm。

Since then, I have been focusing on corporate legal affairs (equity structure, equity transfer, labor and personnel management, enterprise contract management, commercial negotiations, etc.)。Has been with Tai 'an high-tech industrial Development Zone economic development Bureau,Picc Taian Branch,China Life Insurance Co., LTD. Taian city central branch,Ritai Taishan Venture Dream Factory Investment Co., LTD,Shandong Longyue commercial construction operation Co., LTD,Tai 'an City Daiyue District Yijia coordinates shopping plaza,Nearly ten units such as Shandong Pioneer Logistics Co., Ltd. have signed perennial legal consultant contracts。

Currently, he is a member of Tai 'an Xinlian Lawyers Branch and deputy leader of legal service of Tai 'an Xinlian Entrepreneurship Branch。Since practicing, he has been keen on public welfare undertakings and actively participated in legal aid。


Corporate legal counsel, shareholders' contribution, equity transfer, shareholders' rights and interests, construction project construction, labor disputes, administrative licensing, administrative registration


Position: Associate lawyer


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