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Job: Trainee lawyer

Number of recruits: 5

Job Requirements:

1, full-time law major bachelor degree or above;

2. Passed the national unified legal practice qualification examination;

3, work seriously, meticulous, practical, stable。

Welfare benefits:

Benefit from internship allowance

Annual tour

Learning and training

Job: Full-time lawyer       

Number of recruits: 5

Job Requirements:

1. Practicing for more than three years, with solid legal foundation, clear logical thinking ability and text writing ability;

2. Bachelor degree or above in law major of full-time colleges and universities。Applicants with graduate degree or above are preferred. Applicants who do not meet the above requirements but have relevant strengths can be employed at their discretion;

3. Abide by lawyers' professional ethics and practice discipline, have no bad practice record, and have not been punished by judicial administrative organs or lawyers associations;

4, the age of 35 years old, with professional expertise or advantages under 40 years old。

5. Identify with the culture of Yishan Law Firm, have a good sense of team cooperation, love lawyer practice, and are interested in long-term lawyer career。

Welfare benefits:

Pay social security

Training at public expense

Annual tour

Applicant Information:

1. Original or copy of resume and ID card;

2. Original or photocopy of education and degree certificate;

3. Original or photocopy of qualification certificate or professional certificate

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